adjustments required

7 06 2008

Hopefully each of us wants to make the most of our life and grow closer to God.  But because of various distractions and bad choices, we usually aren’t doing the absolute best we could.  Sometimes it may even seem like we’re stuck where we are, that we’re just not growing that much anymore.  I was thinking about this the other day after reading this quote:

I want you to know that you could be more fulfilled if you had the courage to make some minor adjustments and repositioned a few sadly neglected parts. ~ T.D. Jakes, Reposition Yourself

I think it really is that simple.  If we want to grow closer to God, we have to make changes.  It has to be us, because God doesn’t need to change, plus He wants us to grow more than we want it.  And change is often required, because if we keep doing the same thing, we’ll end up in the same place.

Also, of course, the “minor adjustments” and repositioning of ourselves has to be in the right areas.  I suspect we all know what areas of our lives need improvement.  Part of us may want to find a different way, to not have to die to self and give up certain things that hinder us, but we probably know what we should work on.

So is it really this simple?  Well, yes and no.  We may know what to do, but it’s not easy to crucify our old nature and take control of what we think.  It requires a lot of self-discipline.  So the question becomes, “How much do we want it?”  The choice is ours.  Nothing can stop us, except ourselves.




2 responses

8 06 2008

Amen, wow, the Lord seems to teach you exactly what He’s teaching me. I guess we are in the same grades. I’ll see you in class then 😉


8 06 2008

Wow, that was really weird. I read your blog through my feed reader, and then came to comment. I was going to say that you are exactly where I’m at with this message (as you usually are), and then I saw that Sidharth said the same thing!

That’s awesome! Anyway, I can definitely relate to what you are saying. God is always getting me to step away from what is comfortable, and the reward is always greater than what I could have imagined for myself.

My latest entry will give you a current example, and I actually wrote it before I read your blog!

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