can mowing be fun?

13 06 2008

I’m going to tell you something about myself that may cause you to think I’m weird.  🙂  Hopefully you’ll consider it in context, with all things considered.

I actually enjoy mowing the yard.  I know, it’s a chore, it’s tiring, you sometimes get dirty, but I somewhat enjoy it.  To me, it’s time outside, in nature, and it helps me focus more on God.  And there’s a feeling of accomplishment.  And these days, I look at it as helping me towards my fitness goals of losing weight and building endurance.  (Today the latter one really applied, because I started right before noon, so it was quite hot and humid outside.)

It seems ironic to me that I would enjoy it, because I used to do it for a job, when I was a teenager.  So you’d think I would consider it work or a chore (although sometimes I do, because I don’t always want to).  Granted, there are things I prefer doing, like playing tennis, but once I get started mowing, I kinda enjoy it.  Does that make me weird?  🙂




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15 06 2008

You’re cool 😉

17 06 2008

No you’re perfectly normal. So normal, in fact, that you should “enjoy” yourself more over at my house. My yard needs mowing, so come and “enjoy” yourself on my yard. It will give you a sense of accomplishment or something. 🙂 I’ll even buy the gas.

18 06 2008

While I do enjoy mowing somewhat, it’s still not my favorite thing to do. (Plus I have other stuff to do.) But if you were to sweeten the deal with enough cash flow, perhaps I’ll mow your yard for you. 🙂

18 08 2008

i like mowing too! we have a HUGE yard, so even with a riding mower it takes over an hour. but i too like to be outside and have some uninterrupted time with God. but before you consider it “not really mowing” since i have a riding mower, let me tell you that i have to stop several times to empty the bagger. we didn’t bag it when we lived outside city limits, but now we do, so i’ll be courteous to my neighbors and not blow all my clippings into their yard. and no fab, i won’t mow your lawn either.

19 08 2008

I mowed today, and as it turns out, I still hate it, even with a new riding mower.

26 08 2008
Thomas Wayne

Fab, maybe you weren’t doing it right… 🙂

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