why there’s been no posts recently

23 06 2008

The reason it’s been over a week since I’ve posted isn’t because I haven’t been writing.  My web host upgraded the database (which was needed), and they also broke something.  Supposedly the IP address for my database was changing, but the blog could still access it without any changes.  But I was unable to login to my blog with neither the old nor new IP address.  So I had to open a ticket to get them to look at it, and despite promises of receiving a resolution with 48 hours, it took closer to a week.

While I was waiting, the two recent comments went missing, so it appears they restored something from a backup.  I’ve put them back manually.  So it’s obvious they did something.  But then the response I got today was unusual:

I understand that you are experiencing difficulty logging into your blog.  In troubleshooting I found that I was able to login…

That is their explanation for my problem being resolved.  While I wasn’t expecting them to describe in detail what they had to do, they could have at least admitted there was a problem.  They made it sound like nothing was wrong, that they just logged in.  That reminds me of some issues that happened at the last company I worked for.  Sometimes router settings would change, which would block certain IPs from being able to access a server.  I usually had to be the liaison, so I’d talk with everyone in network control, on both our side and the customers’ side, and nobody would admit any blame.  But after a while of them passing the blame around, it somehow got fixed, and sometimes no one would ever admit to making a change.  So nobody changed anything to break it, then nobody changed anything to fix it.  That was frustrating when I was supposed to explain to my bosses what happened.

Anyway, I’m rambling now.  🙂  I haven’t got to post anything here in 10 days, so don’t gripe if I write too much!  🙂  Hopefully the issue is permanently fixed, and I’ll return to posting on a regular basis.




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24 06 2008

Atlast, you’re back! Imrah moved to it’s own server out of blogger. We’re really excited about what God has done and what He is going to to do in the months to come! Stay tuned!


24 06 2008

This blog is on its own hosting plan (shared servers, I’m sure), but they messed it up anyway. I’m using Web.com, but I’m not happy with their service.

11 08 2008
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[…] I may be looking for a new web host soon, since this has happened previously this year.  My web host used to be good, as far as I knew, but they’ve been bought out, perhaps several times, and that can cause issues. […]

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