Would you report your own car wreck?

25 06 2008

If you accidentally hit a parked car and caused visible damage, and it appears that no one saw you do it, would you report the accident or just drive away?  I bring this up because someone hit our vehicle (a Ford Taurus) which was parked in front of the house on the side of the road.  They created a large dent with white streaks on it (on a black car), and they left without leaving a note or reporting the accident.

I just talked with a police officer about it, because I needed a police report to get insurance to pay for it.  He said hit-and-run accidents happen several times a week (and one was just reported while we were outside talking).  That’s really sad.  He said if it’s minor damage and there’s no injury and it’s clearly an accident, he usually doesn’t even write them a citation, but he does put them at fault for insurance purposes.  But now if he finds out who did it, they will get a ticket because they left the scene of the accident.

So obviously whoever was driving the car has broken the law, because they left the scene of the accident.  So it’s legally wrong.  But it’s also wrong on another level — by them not taking responsibility for the damage they caused, the burden falls on someone else who is innocent in this case.  And that would be me.  So I have to pay for it.  Fortunately insurance covers this, but we have a $200 deductible, and now we have to pay that, even though we did nothing wrong.

I pray that whoever did this will feel convicted.  It’s sad that people do this type of stuff.  But that’s the state of our society — people not wanting to take personal responsibility for their actions and having disregard of the law.  It’s just another sign that we really need a revival of God in this country.




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25 06 2008

I tell you bro, be thankful you are in the USA.

There is no other country that goes by law than USA. Come for just 1 day to India, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 😉

I bumped on my uncles car the other day, but I told him that lol!


26 06 2008

I am thankful, but it is sad to see how America’s moral standards are slipping. I’m only 34, but in my lifetime I can see how things are getting progressively worse.

I wrote about this recently in a post called “a nation of criminals“, that there appears to be such a disregard for the laws of our nation, as well as the Law of God. It’s a very dangerous mindset when we seem to get away with transgressing the law — if we don’t see the consequences, we tend to think they aren’t coming. That’s what makes sin so dangerous — we do something we shouldn’t (or don’t do something we should), and nothing bad immediately happens from it, then we forget about it, so it seems like it’s not a big deal. But one day we will give an account, and we will be shocked at all the “little things” that weren’t little in God’s eyes.

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