Where is the fear of God?

30 06 2008

Recently someone sent me a link to an article by J. Lee Grady called Whatever Happened to the Fear of God?  It’s a good read.  He reminds us that true revival will bring more than excitement and goose bumps — it will bring a fear of God.  And we will realize that the standards we have set need to be raised higher.

My pastor mentioned this concept in a sermon this past Sunday, that when we experience the Shekinah glory of God, we won’t be dancing and shouting — we’ll be on our face in fear because of His holiness.  This has Biblical precedent.  Think of the times when God’s presence filled the Temple, and the priests could not minister (1 Kings 8:9-11) or Moses could not enter it (Exodus 40:35).  When Ezekiel saw the glory of God, he sat in astonishment for seven days!  Isaiah cried, “I am undone!”  Daniel lost all strength and passed out into a deep sleep.

When we experience the glory of God, our “holiness” is stripped away, and we see ourselves for who we really are, that we are not holy and pure.  There are no excuses that can be made at this point — you know without a doubt that you are guilty of sin, and it’s only the grace of God that you are not consumed.  I want to clarify here that our guilt is not from condemnation but from loving conviction.  God does not “beat us up” over our sins — but He will tell us that we’re doing wrong.

When we’re praying for revival, we need to count the cost.  Revival will bring more than just additional people and increased excitement — it will bring the presence of God to our services and our daily lives.  We should not find the cost too steep.  If we find ourselves wanting revival but not wanting the glory of God, then we are caught up in religion and/or emotionalism and/or sin.  Let us not be afraid of God’s presence.  While the manifested presence of God may seem terrifying (and it should, in a reverent way), it is so worth it.  Let’s not be content with a “form of godliness” that so many people settle for these days.  Let’s seek the presence of God.




One response

2 07 2008

You really should read an article I wrote on fear of the Lord…

Fear of the Lord

Something the modern day churches lack.

Be Blessed!


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