thankful for salvation

2 07 2008

If you are a Christian (that is, if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and have entered into His covenant for you), do you give thanks for your salvation on a regular basis?  I’m sure we’re all thankful — how could you not be?!?  But let us not ever take it for granted.  Even if you’ve been saved for many years, you should still get excited that God has saved you.  Jesus paid a big price for our forgiveness, and we didn’t deserve it at all.  Even after we’ve received His gift and turned our lives around, we still don’t deserve it, even on our best days.

Let’s all set aside at least a minute right now just to tell God how thankful we are, to appreciate His love and grace and patience for us.  I know, we’re all busy, but it’s easy to casually think “I’m thankful” while reading this, yet not really be thanking God for it.  Surely you can spare at least a minute to tell your Savior how much you love Him and are thankful for what He has done for you.




3 responses

3 07 2008

Amen thank you bro. This is an eternal work Abba has done through His Son. My heart is so filled with joy after reading this. Bless you


3 07 2008

Again, isn’t it amazing that the beings in heaven sing the song ….”Salvation belongs to our God, who sits upon the throne….”. Its as I said an eternal work….we’ll forever praise Him for that!


15 07 2008

I’m not that old, but the older I get, I find myself just shaking my head in awe of all that Jesus accomplished and at my own inadequacy and unworthiness. What a loving, patient, merciful God we serve! Thank You, Jesus! Help us all to realize and keep in the front of our minds what a great salvation has been afforded us by Your priceless gift!

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