the devil’s same old lies

26 07 2008

I recently read the summary of a sermon that dealt with the three lies satan spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden.  (Yes, I intentionally did not capitalize the name of the devil.  I don’t think he deserves that much respect.  Plus, when you run spellcheck, it asks about satan, and you can click “ignore”.)  Anyway, read the three lies and see how the story hasn’t changed that much in some 6,000+ years…

  • God will not punish you for sin.
  • God is cheating you.
  • You don’t need God in your life.

Have you ever heard these?  Do you see how these mindsets have spread all throughout the world?

I reckon the devil doesn’t have to change his tactics too much when they’re still working on billions of people…




2 responses

27 07 2008

Amen…they still work on the billions….even on Christians.


30 07 2008

These “same old lies” work pretty well. Why would the tactics need changing? good point.

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