T.D. Jakes and prosperity, pt 2

31 07 2008

Recently I wrote about a quote from T.D. Jakes where he talked about keeping prosperity in the proper balance and perspective.  I’ve since come across another of his quotes on the subject that illustrates that even further:

My deeper understanding of true prosperity came from an exercise in philanthropy to dig a well to provide water for a village in Kenya. … I understood more than ever that prosperity is more than the trinkets of excess we use as icons of accomplishment and self-worth in our culture.  I have come to realize that prosperity is built upon progress and that progress is relative to that point from which we started.  Many times in our culture we assume that we all begin with an equal playing field and that is simply not true.  It is quite apparent in a world where a goat is a luxury that success is built around a completely different measuring device. ~ T.D. Jakes, Reposition Yourself

Like I wrote previously about this, prosperity is biblical, but we must understand what prosperity really means.  Here in America, our society is very materialistic.  Almost everyone in America has more than they need in terms of housing, food, and possessions.  Another way to phrase that is that we have an abundance.

I know, many of us may be considered “middle class” or less, and money may seem tight, but when you look at how much we have compared to the rest of the world, it puts it in perspective.  Often, our monthly budget is tight because of new car payments, cell phones, cable TV, Internet, eating out, etc.  These things aren’t wrong, but it’s easy to think we’re not doing that well financially, yet we have more “stuff” than most of the world.  Like the quote above says, in some third-world nations, you’re “blessed” if you have a goat.  Or you are considered blessed if you get to regularly eat more than rice and beans.

We need to realize how good we have it, so we’ll be thankful and not griping about our circumstances.

Here’s one more thing, while I’m rambling / ranting.  🙂  I realize it’s almost trendy these days to gripe about the cost of gasoline in America.  The national average has been over $4 per gallon lately.  That’s high, compared to what we’re used to, and I know it puts a strain on the monthly budget for a lot of people.  But most places in the world have higher gas prices, and most of the world would be thankful to have vehicles like we get to drive.  It’s easy to complain, but we should be thankful for how much we have.  Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t urge our government representatives to be better stewards of our resources and to manage our economy better, but we should still be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about how bad we have it.  Most of us don’t have it bad at all…




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4 08 2008
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