please fasten your safety belt

19 08 2008

Hold on, because the ride might be about to get bumpy!

But don’t be scared.  I’m not planning to post anything controversial (and I wasn’t intending to last week).  But my webhost is about to move my blog to a new server tomorrow.  So why am I saying anything about it?  Well, given their track record (that after the last e-mail upgrade, my blog was unavailable for several days), the fact that they’re moving all my data and transferring the database (which contains my blog) to a newer version of MySQL is somewhat concerning.  Hopefully there won’t be any downtime.  But if this blog suddenly becomes unavailable, you know what happened.

There’s a 24-hour window for this upgrade to happen, so if you post a comment during that time and it disappears, I will restore it (if possible).

This now concludes the test of the non-emergency blog announcement system.  Had this been an actual non-emergency, the lights would’ve went off, your monitor would go blank, or you might get a weird 404-type error (like “Page Not Found” or “Can’t Establish Connection to Database”).  If this happens, please remain calm, and walk, don’t run, to the nearest kitchen to grab a refreshing beverage.  If anxiety continues, repeat to yourself, “Beppo’s Blog will return soon.  I can manage the withdrawals.  It will be okay.”

Thank you, drive thru…  🙂




2 responses

20 08 2008

We’ll leave the light on for ya…

26 08 2008

Kri’, thanks for leaving the light on. Unfortunately, with all the data missing for a few days, the light shone into a void of darkness.

But finally, the day is saved.

[a small round of applause is heard… like at a golf match, where a few people clap because you’re supposed to, but it’s really quiet because you’re not supposed to make any noise.]

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