a bumpy ride, indeed

26 08 2008

As I mentioned in the post previous to the recent downtime, all my blog data was being transferred to a new server during a major upgrade.  I had predicted that there might be downtime (even though none was scheduled).  And, unfortunately, I was right.

The solution turned out to not be very simple (apparently).  Starting sometime Wednesday, my blog couldn’t connect to the database.  After the upgrade window, I logged in to my webhost and found that the database wasn’t there at all.  Obviously this is a huge problem, because the blog data is stored in a database.  So I opened a ticket.  After a few days of hearing nothing from my webhost, I called them.  Then they escalated the ticket to a specialized group, and that night (last night), they restored the database from backup.  They closed the ticket, saying it was fixed, but all was not well.

Upon first glance, it was obvious something was wrong.  It turns out that the backup they restored from was taken on JUNE 16, so I was missing two months of posts and comments.  I was unable to do full backups of the database under the previous system, so I was really hoping that they had a more recent backup.  (If they’re competent at all at webhosting, they would know to ALWAYS do a full backup before a major upgrade.)  Fortunately they did have a full backup, and now all is restored.

So stay tuned for new content.  Hopefully we won’t have any more downtime.




2 responses

26 08 2008

Yeah, like my blog’s been down or something, except on mine, it is the new post section that has been out of commission. 🙂

27 08 2008
Thomas Wayne

Fab, you should get that fixed. Your reader(s) might get tired of waiting for new content… 🙂

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