all Americans will be fat in the future

28 08 2008

On a recent TV news program (which I normally don’t watch, but happened to catch a few minutes of), they cited a study that predicted that all Americans will be overweight or obese by 2048.  I didn’t hear the other details, but I still have to wonder: how can they say that?  I realize the average weight may be increasing, but there are still plenty of skinny people, and there are people who are losing weight.  Predicting that more Americans will be overweight then isn’t too much of a stretch, but to say “all” is crazy.  Yet this was “news” and was presented as plausible…

Can they back up their prediction with research and facts?  I doubt it.  Can I make some crazy, bold prediction and get it on the news?  Maybe I should try…  🙂

What does this say about their news reporting?




One response

14 10 2008
The chubby one

they said gasoline would be 7 dollars a gallon by now. of course it would if people kept on using it at the rate we were going. maybe one day americans will wise up and get healthy. three years ago the concept of “going green” wasn’t a popular “trendy” thing to do to help the environment. now, it is. so who knows what we americans will do.

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