unjust slander in politics

9 09 2008

I recently saw an article by Glenn Beck describing the mainstream media bias, and he gives a few examples.  On that page, look at the picture of two recent Us Magazine covers.  One shows Sarah Palin holding her baby, with the headline of “Babies, Lies & Scandal”.  The other cover has Barack Obama hugging his wife Michelle, with the headline of “Why Barack Loves Her”.  Is there any bias there?  If it’s not obvious, keep reading.

What bothers me is how some of the mainstream media — who pretend to be factual news sources — put out rumors and speculation as news.  There are quite a few personal attacks on people like Sarah Palin which are turning out to be false, but some people see these headlines, are influenced by them, and never see the correction (if it gets printed / said in that same source).  So you have someone’s character unjustly slandered, and it’s a big deal when they’re running for President or Vice-President of the United States.

I believe in free speech, but what they’re doing is really irresponsible.  Perhaps there needs to be a more obvious distinction between news and non-news.  Of course, there’s no way to filter it all correctly.

For another example of bias, I heard Joe Biden on a TV news program this past weekend say the troop surge in Iraq accomplished some great things, but that it was accidental and unintended, effectively giving President Bush no credit for it whatsoever.  Yet Bush gets lots of blame when anything over there goes wrong.  Barack Obama said something similar in his interview with Bill O’Reilly, saying that while the surge worked and was successful, he [Obama] was not wrong in his previous position of being against the surge.

I just get fed up with the news sometimes, particularly when it’s about politics.  It seems like for many of the political analysts and politicians, it’s not about the facts but all about positioning and image.  So our image of the politicians is partly made up of “smoke and mirrors”.  And that’s what really scares me about Barack Obama and his promise of “change” : I think he really does want to make a lot of changes to the government, but we really don’t know specifically what those changes will be.  People seem to forget (or not know because few speak of this) that Obama is arguably the most liberal of all the senators.  But he doesn’t give his positions on all the issues, so most people don’t really know what he stands for and what he intends to accomplish, other than “change”.  Some change is needed in the government, but not all change is good.




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22 09 2008

In a speech today, Obama said the Clinton campaign left office with a surplus while the Bush campaign will leave office with a $9 trillion national debt. That’s definitely mis-telling the story (or lying, if you prefer to call it what it is). Clinton increased the overall national debt every year, though sometimes at a lesser rate than the previous or current Bush.

14 10 2008

many say that bush is the cause of all our economic woes as of late. however, in a recent interview with matt lauer on the Today show, Bill Clinton ADMITTED to pressuring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into lending to those who were not qualified for loans under normal circumstance. Clinton ADMITTED that he signed INTO LAW that these companies were allowed to practice this way. But of course as you so wisely and correctly mentioned, the media is largely biased to all the wrongs of our current president but will not budge to give him any credit for the good he tried to accomplish with a DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED CONGRESS.

This is the truth. look it up for yourselves. The media should print the whole story. Like the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is a great example of honest journalism.

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