cars should make more noise

11 09 2008

I recently heard about this ironic situation in California.  Do you like irony?  I do, which is why I’m sharing this, even though the situation may not apply to many of us at this time.

The state of California offers incentives for electric cars because the pollution is so bad out there, and over 300,000 people there drive electric cars now.  But some people have complained that these electric cars are too quiet, that the lack of noise makes them too dangerous.  So some legislatures in California have actually created a committee to research how much noise cars should make and to recommend ways the vehicles could make more noise.  Note the fact that this committee is funded by taxpayer dollars.

I realize that an electric or hydrogen car is very quiet, so you might not hear one coming down the road.  So in a way it is a little bit more dangerous.  But shouldn’t we look both ways before crossing the street regardless of whether we hear anything?  Isn’t everyone taught that by their parents?

The committee says these cars are too dangerous for blind people.  While that is a noble cause, I hope other alternatives are explored rather than requiring cars to make more noise.  Hasn’t anyone heard of noise pollution?  I know, it doesn’t destroy the environment, so it’s not a big political cause, but it’s really refreshing and good for your hearing when there’s not all this ambient noise around.  I’ve lived on a busy road before, and now I live in a quiet subdivision, and the difference is huge, even inside the house.




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17 09 2008

I don’t know any blind people personally, but I would think that if they were out crossing streets that they would either have a seeing-eye dog or another person with them. For pedestrians, they have to wait until the light turns red and the crosswalk light comes on before crossing the street, but is there anything other than the visual lights to let blind people know when to cross or not cross the street? Maybe that would be the better option rather than having to make cars louder…

22 09 2008

Forget the commitee… I have the solution to the problem. place a playing card in spokes of the tires like you did on a bicycle when you were a kid. wah-la!!! Problem solved!

Also it’s a cheap solution! 52 people could go in together and purchase a pack of cards and it’s only cost a couple cents per person.

So there you have it! blind people are again safe, and not much ambient noise is added! Now we can focus on other issues…like taking up a collection to dress the naked mole rat.

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