live hurricane coverage

12 09 2008

With Hurricane Ike pounding Galveston, Texas, and about to hit Houston, the major news networks are covering it almost 24/7.  I realize it’s a huge story, but not that much is changing minute-to-minute.  There is still other news happening today.  I don’t think we’ll miss much of the hurricane action if they cut away for a few minutes every so often to tell us what else is happening in the world.

What’s somewhat humorous is the risks reporters are willing to take these days to provide live footage.  In Galveston, just before the eye of the hurricane hit, Geraldo Rivera was standing outside, leaning against a palm tree so he isn’t blown away by the winds exceeding 110 mph.  While it is humorous to see people struggling to stand up due to the wind, is it really necessary?  Are they that committed to bringing us closer to the action?

I figure the risky reporting will continue to get worse until someone gets hurt by it.  One of the reporters just said bricks are starting to come off of a nearby hotel.  I figure that’s a good sign that you should go inside.  There are roofs being torn off of buildings, and various debris is flying.  How close to the action will they get?




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