looting after hurricanes

13 09 2008

Because of Hurricane Ike, there were mandatory evacuations in Galveston, TX, along with a few other places, yet some people didn’t leave.  That’s not fair for the rescue teams when people ignore these warnings and then need help, but I’ve heard some give a good reason for staying: to protect their belongings.  I’ve already heard reports of people looting in Galveston, and that’s unfortunate.  As you might remember, it was very prevalent in New Orleans, LA, after Hurricane Katrina, and dozens of people were arrested for looting in New Orleans after Hurricane Gustav.

Do these thieves not have any shame whatsoever?  How can they steal from their neighbors at a time like this, when people are fleeing for their lives?  Do they even hear their conscience anymore?  It just shows how immoral people can be.

For the people who risk their lives to protect their stuff, I think the best solution would be to pack up whatever can’t be replaced (like family heirlooms and pictures), and remind yourself that the rest of the stuff can be replaced.  While nobody wants their home to be raided and looted, it’s not worth risking your life for.  I saw an interview with a couple who stayed in Galveston for that reason, and when 4 feet of water got inside their house, they were really scared.  They stayed in the attic, and fortunately made it through.  If the water had risen like forecasters expected, those people wouldn’t have made it.

It’s just really sad that during a crisis, when people should be working together to help each other, there are some people who are taking advantage of the situation and stealing from others.




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8 10 2008
Sarah J. Palin

I think SOMEbody needs a spankin’!


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