figuring out how the universe started

25 09 2008

Do you remember that static you used to see between channels on an analog TV?  That’s proof that there was a Big Bang to start the Universe.  That interference is leftover energy from the initial explosion.  I heard it from scientists on a show on the National Geographic channel tonight, so it must be true!

They also said the Universe was once so small a sphere that you could hold it in the palm of your hand.  Well, if we existed then; at that point in “history”, we weren’t even an ooze yet.  The Universe didn’t stay small very long — just one-trillionth of a second, and in that time it exploded and spread faster than the speed of light (which I thought was impossible).  In that short time, it increased in size more than it has in all the billions of years since.  Supposedly scientists know everything that happened in the universe except the first second.  Atoms were formed after 300,000 years; Earth was formed after 9 billion years; humans evolved after 12 billion years.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the news, which is trying to recreate what happened in the first second after the Big Bang.  (Also, there’s a tiny chance it could destroy the Earth, but it’s not likely.)  They built it to primarily search for the Higgs boson (which some call “the god particle”).  The Higgs boson is supposedly the last undiscovered particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics, and finding it may explain everything.

Do you believe all this?  I don’t.  They may be scientists, but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about.  For one thing, their “theory” breaks the special theory of relativity.  Another reason I don’t believe it is that there is no proof.  Yet another reason I don’t believe it is because I believe God’s account in the Bible, which some call Intelligent Design.  That doesn’t mean I’m against science — not at all — but I don’t believe their crazy hypotheses without proof.  Of course, you are free to believe whatever you want, and it will take faith to believe either theory, but someday you will stand before God to give an account of your life, whether you believe in Him or not…

Ironically, while it takes faith to find God, once you do meet Him, you know without a doubt that He is real.  You have your proof.  It’s just not the kind of proof that you can recreate in a lab experiment, so it fails the scientific method.  But you know that you know…




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