the presence of God at church tonight

28 09 2008

It’s so awesome when God shows up and takes over a church service!  Tonight, when the time of praise & worship would normally end, people kept worshiping, and none of the leaders knew which way to take the service.  Worship continued, in an intense way.  Being on stage, I happened to see some people going to others (perhaps for reconciliation), along with people going to the altar unprompted.  Then eventually there was a call for all the church to meet at the front to pray together, and God’s presence was so intense!  It was incredible!

In this service, we got to where we wanted to go : the presence of God.  (That’s not to say we received all we could’ve, but a lot was accomplished, I believe.)  When God manifests His presence, all His attributes are there: love, conviction, healing, miracles, provision, wisdom, etc.  What we need is Him — then we’ll also get all the other stuff we need.  (See Matthew 6:33.)

Reaching the presence of God should be our goal in every service.  That’s the purpose of the normal “routine” — praise & worship to get into His court, the sermon to hear from Him, and the altar time to meet with Him.

I’ll admit I haven’t always been focused on getting the closest to God in every service; sometimes I’ve been distracted for whatever non-excusable reasons.  But now that we’ve had a reminder of how awesome God’s presence is, let us seek Him with a renewed passion.  There is nothing like meeting with God, and it’s what we were created for.  And it doesn’t have to be limited to church services — we should aim to walk in the Spirit every day.  Then we’ll be living life more abundantly and accomplishing more in the Kingdom than we could ever dream of.




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