cancelling services to go serve

13 10 2008

Yesterday the church I attend, The Rock Solid Church in Conway, AR, cancelled both Sunday services to have a community outreach program we called “The Rock Gives Back”.  I expected it to be good, but it exceeded my expectations.

The idea of the program was to invest in the community and to show our appreciation.  This also meant meeting a lot of people we wouldn’t normally meet.  We went to several places, such as the fire department, the ambulance service, the hospital, public schools, nursing homes, and more.  At the places with people, we grilled burgers and hot dogs for them, and we also helped with various activities like landscaping.  Some local stores also donated items to give away.

I think it’s a great strategy for church growth and outreach ministry.  Instead of waiting for people to come to our church so we can tell them we care about them, we can go to them and show it.  Hopefully more churches will get involved.  We must keep in mind that ministry is not just about church services, but about loving people.  Jesus didn’t sit in a building and wait for people to come to Him — He often went to where the people were.  (Of course church services have their place, too.)

There was even an article about it in the local paper, the Log Cabin Democrat, with the headline of:

Church cancels services to give back to community

Everyone I met through this outreach seemed really thankful for what we were doing.  I look forward to participating in more of these in the future.  This is just the start of what we should be doing.

If you attend a church that doesn’t have a program like this, let them know about the idea.  The Church needs to take ministry beyond the walls of our buildings.




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