How often do you think about God?

15 10 2008

The Bible tells us to “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and to “walk in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16).  So obviously we are supposed to be in constant fellowship with God.  But most of us have not attained that yet.  We tend to get distracted with the busyness of life and the entertainment, plus with the various tasks that we have to perform day-to-day.  So we have to make a conscious effort to put our thoughts back on God, to talk with Him in prayer and to worship Him.

So my question is this: How often do you think about God each day?  I’m not expecting anyone to answer in a comment, because it’s not my business.  But I’d like you to think about it, to consider if you should do better, and if so, how can you make it happen.

We can all be closer to God, and most of us want to be closer to God.  But just wanting it to happen does not make it so — we have to take deliberate steps to change.




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17 10 2008

I’m truly not saying this to sound like a super-Christian, but I think about God nonstop everyday. If it were anyone else we were talking about you could say I was a little obsessive.

I get confused when I am with a group of Christians and no one is talking about God. It baffles me because He’s usually all I care to talk about!

17 10 2008

That doesn’t make you a super-Christian — that’s how we ALL are supposed to be! But because Christianity in America has become so watered-down, it seems extraordinary. It reminds me of this quote:

By the time the average Christian gets his temperature up to normal, everybody thinks he has got a fever. ~ Watchman Nee

On a related note about what you said, we tend to make personal ministry complicated, but it shouldn’t be. Of course there’s a lot we can learn and improve on, but I think it comes down to this: If we’re walking with God daily, having real experiences with Him, He will come up in our conversations naturally. So when we have an opportunity to witness to someone who doesn’t know Him, or when there’s an opportunity to encourage or challenge a brother or sister in Christ, it starts to happen naturally.

Of course, there are times when we get a specific word to speak to someone, but for the other times, just talking about the awesomeness of God that we’ve been experiencing can be ministry. For me, just being around certain friends who are always sharing what God is doing in their life makes me want to do better. They weren’t preaching at me or necessarily trying to make me do better — it was just their natural conversation, and the Holy Spirit worked through it.

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