Obama and his controversial friends

16 10 2008

If you have any interest in the political race for President this year, you should read this article by Glenn Beck, which explains why Barack Hussein Obama is the unluckiest victim in the whole country.  There’s this incredible chain of events all throughout his life where he became associated with people who hate America, but he didn’t know — he just got unlucky that things worked out like they did.

Article: What are the Odds?

(FYI, the article is satire, in case you’re wondering whether or not to read it because how I explained it sounds irrational.)

The article makes some great points, which you’ve probably heard in the news (if you listen to actual reporting as opposed to the mainstream media’s blinded-by-love reporting of Obama).  Obama has connections with well-known terrorists, communists, prejudiced preachers of Black Liberation Theology, and people that just hate America and capitalism, but it’s all okay, because supposedly Obama didn’t know at the time.  Here’s what I have to say about that — if Obama had no idea of these other people’s agendas and biases, he has no business in government, where he will find even more agendas and biases!




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16 10 2008
First Dude Palin

Bro… I don’t know you, but you can’t say ANYthing about Brakobama that isn’t positive. If you do, you are racist…

Haven’t you noticed there are no Halloween masks with his face on them?… doesn’t that tell you something?

Todd P-Dawg

22 10 2008

It truly is all coincidence – it will be a great thing to have this man – Barack Hussein Obama – elected President of the United States.


31 10 2008

Another week, another controversial friend of Obama. What a coincidence!

I still stand by my statement at the end of this post — if Obama is too naive or ignorant to know of the biases and agendas of his friends and mentors, he surely does not need to be president, where even more people have their own agendas and will be trying to manipulate him.

Of course, I’m sure he knew about these associations — he’s not that dumb or ignorant. But my point is that either way you believe on this issue, it should be a serious problem for Obama.

I’m not a big fan of McCain, either, but Obama’s associations and his non-detailed promises of “change” scare me.

1 11 2008

Maybe these so-called “associations” should be questioned for being around Obama because apparently they were: a) very deceitful and crafty in disguising their true radicalism, thus ‘using’ Obama to gain influence and as a mouthpiece for their agendas. b) associating with the most naive person in the world who really doesn’t fit in around these guys but just wanted to be friends. or c) perhaps OBAMA was already a radical and they sought him out because of the fact that he could put a “pretty face” on their radicalism. Remember, birds of a feather flock together.

I’m picking “c”.

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