the potential for voter fraud here

31 10 2008

This afternoon I participated in early voting here in Conway, AR, in an attempt to avoid the long lines and wait times.  It still took about an hour and a half, which was disappointing.  I saw several areas where speed improvements could easily be made, which I hope will be addressed in the future.  But so it goes.

What troubled me most about the voting situation was the potential for voter fraud.  I’ve heard plenty about the ACORN voter registrations and influencing around the country, and I’ve heard rumors of people voting many times in places like Ohio (which is supposedly a “swing state”).  And I’ve heard of people who are so intent on supporting their candidate (and actively opposing the others) that they will get crazy in their efforts, to the point of breaking the law.

Where I was, which was the youth building for Second Baptist Church, I went inside to sign in, then they gave me a piece of paper and told me to wait in the main line, which extended outside the building.  The paper they gave me was not unique — it had my district and ward info, but was the same as other people from my part of the city.  It was a light purple-ish color, but it would’ve been easy enough to acquire some paper of that color and to make copies of it.  If someone were to make copies, they could’ve voted multiple times, and no one would known.  Or they could bring friends with them to vote, thus adding a lot of votes for their candidate/party.  Of course, the registrations would not match the number of votes issued, but would they toss out all the votes and require re-voting?  What would they do if someone abused the system?

They should’ve taken more steps to protect our votes.  It shouldn’t be that difficult to ensure people aren’t leaving with the voting ticket, but there was no one watching, and with the line extending outside, it would’ve been hard to tell.

Voter fraud should not be taken lightly!  Not only could a candidate take office that shouldn’t be there, but it casts skepticism on the electoral process.  The concept of democracy will get ugly real quick if elections are rigged and manipulated.  This occasionally happens in some other countries, and it often leads to riots, rebellions, and even an overthrow of the government.  That may sound impossible in America, but remember that there actually are provisions in the documents by the Founding Fathers that talk of overthrowing governments that do not represent the people and/or turn into tyranny.  Think about it…

If you see the potential for voter fraud where you’re at, let your city officials know.  If enough people complain, perhaps something will be done to protect the integrity of our country’s election process.  This is one area where they should not be cutting corners…




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