news networks lost without campaign

10 11 2008

Now that the 2008 campaign for the position of President is over, the 24/7 news channels probably aren’t sure what to talk about.  I glanced at a couple of them today, and saw some “BREAKING NEWS”: that Barack Obama was going to meet President Bush today.  The thing is, we already knew this was happening, and the meeting was still hours away.  Yet this was somehow “breaking news”.  Later, they showed a picture of a jet landing, saying Obama was arriving at the airport in Washington DC, to meet with the President at the White House later.

Is that the best they could do for news today?  I know, Obama’s election is historic, but we’ve been through that.  His meeting with the President is not unprecedented — it’s normal.

It would be nice if the news networks would focus on real news stories now.  There’s not a shortage of news around the world, and a lot of it would be interesting to most people.  But many of these news programs rehash the same few stories over and over.  At least there’s the Internet for finding other news…




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