how you can change yourself

11 11 2008

Is there something about yourself that you want to change?  Would you like to change your circumstances in some way?  Of course we can’t change everything, but there are a lot of things we can change.  I recently discussed this topic with someone, and we started it around this quote:

“There’s no harvest without seed.” ~ Joyce Meyer

That sounds so basic, and it really is that simple.  Yet a lot of people don’t live according to it.  For example, if you want to develop a certain talent or ability, like playing piano or playing sports, you have to put forth the time and effort to reach the goal.  I can’t tell you how many people have told me they wish they could play the piano.  Anyone can, but few take lessons and practice.  That would be planting the seeds.  No one is a concert pianist the first time they try to play, no matter how much they wish it were true.

The concept also applies to our character and personality.  I’ve heard many people make the excuse of “that’s just how I am”.  I’ve even said it, before I knew better.  But we have the ability to change our personality, if we really want to.  It takes work (planting seed and watering), but it will pay off in the long run.  We don’t instantly become patient just by desiring to be.  I wish it were that easy!  Likewise, we don’t control our temper or remove our pessimism overnight, but it can be done.

This concept even applies to our circumstances, too.  If you want to have more friends, then plant seeds for friendships.  Be friendly, take the initiative to spend more time with people you’re interested in.  But if we sit at home alone, wishing we had more friends, our wishing isn’t going to make much happen.

My point in all this is that there’s a lot that we can change about our life, if we will do something about it.  We usually don’t change for the better on our own.  And there are many aspects of our circumstances that we can change.  Of course, these changes may not happen overnight, and some could even take years, but the seeds you plant today will determine your future.  So take thought of how you want your life to be, and plant seeds every day that will lead to the future you want in life.




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