update to the FreeRice game

21 11 2008

A while back I wrote about the FreeRice game, how by answering questions you donate food to help those in need.  It’s so simple, and it actually makes you smarter because you learn new words.

Well, now there are more topics to choose from, so if you got bored with the previous game, you can play other ones to donate rice.  Just click on “Change Subjects”.  You can answer math problems (multiplication tables), and there are geographical questions, and there are even art questions — where you identify famous works of art.  They’ve also added more words and levels to the vocabulary section (which is my favorite of them all).

If you say you’d like to help those in need, this is your chance to show it.  Because now there’s no excuse of not having enough money to give to charity — all you have to give is some time.

I encourage you to bookmark the site and go back there frequently.




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