doing vs being

24 11 2008

Today I want to share a quote by a friend and fellow blogger:

I really feel like too often we allow our lives and hearts to slip in to an “employee of God” or “hired-hand” mentality.  Where we get in to a rut to where all we’re DOING is stuff… and we’re not BEING who we’re supposed to be.  A hired-hand or slave mentality finds their identity in what they do for God rather than who they are in God. ~ Chris Davis

Even if we aren’t consciously thinking that we’re a “hired-hand”, we can get into a works mentality and not even realize it.  Our DOING may involve serving at church, living a holy life, and doing good things — and those things are good and necessary — but we must not forsake the fellowship with God.  We were created for a relationship with Him, and He wants to fellowship with us.

And not only is the fellowship with God something we should be doing (and should want), it’s required for anointed ministry.  Just being “good” may not change lives; but when you’re anointed by the Holy Spirit, your ministry can bear much more fruit than any “good” works we may try to do on our own.

I realize most of you reading this probably already know all this.  But for many of us, we need reminding occasionally about it.  I know I should spend more time talking with God, so this reminder is at least for me.




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25 11 2008
Kevin M.

We ALL need this reminder! This is something that God is reminding me of right now! We need to make sure that we are actively communing with God ALL throughout our day and this is not as difficult as we may think it is. It is a conscious decision to remind ourselves of God’s presence in our lives as we go about “doing” life. There are some helpful ways to do this. I am going to be blogging about this subject this week. 🙂

28 11 2008

This is a good post. I agree with Kevin that we all need this reminder. I was making that mistake unknowingly for awhile, and have recently come back into contact with our Lord. Not that I was ever out of contact with Him, but there are those times when I’m doing all the talking, and He’s just listening. Or I’m doing all the work, and He’s just laughing.

I sometimes forget that prayer isn’t about what I have to say all the time, but what He wants to say to me.

Anyway, missed ya! I’ve been out of it for awhile (busy with the girlfriend), but it sure is nice to see that the ones who were following the Holy Spirit last year, are still following Him this year.

1 12 2008

Because we’re creatures of habit, we tend to lapse into times when we just “go through the motions” or get caught up in the tradition of how we’ve always done it. And we always have to be alert that our prayer time and P&W (Praise & Worship) time doesn’t become that way.

I think all Christians struggle with this sometimes, which is why it’s good to have reminders. (I know I need them sometimes.)

Justin, it’s great to see you back. I always enjoy reading your insight (here and on your own blog). Maybe you’ll have more time for blogging soon, though I understand where you’re at…

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