longing for final deliverance

3 12 2008

Today I’m going to share a quote I read recently.

Every time you acknowledge your sin, you long for Jesus too.  But you’re not longing for the final sacrifice, because it’s already been made.  No, you and I long for final deliverance.  We long for that moment when we’ll be taken to the place where sin will be no more.  We long to see Jesus, to be with Him, and to be like Him.  Isn’t it comforting to know that that final deliverance has been written into the story as well?  It is our guaranteed future.  And so we long with hope. ~ Paul David Tripp, Whiter Than Snow

It is very comforting, and I really long for that day.  But in knowing that it is coming, it’s easier to bear the troubles of the world we live in now.  And, of course, we have work to do, to tell people of that final sacrifice, which makes us want to stay here longer so we can accomplish more for the Kingdom of God…




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