alive and vibrant

8 12 2008

I heard a couple of good sermons yesterday at church, and one of the points that stood out to me was this question:

Is your relationship with God alive and vibrant?

That’s one of those questions that is good to hear on a regular basis, because it helps keep us accountable and focused.  Hopefully, most days we can answer yes to that, but if we’re honest, there are times when we don’t feel like praying and we want to live life our way.  Or sometimes we get caught up in tradition and habit, in doing “good”, but we’re not talking much with God (and listening for His voice) nor looking for ministry opportunities.

Ideally, we would press through into His presence each day, regardless of how we feel and what our circumstances are, to get to the point that we are close to God.  By close, I don’t mean just being saved and being “good” — I mean where you hear God speaking to you, and you see Him at work in your life and around you, and you are excited with Him.  I realize I’m speaking “ideally”, but the Bible tells us to “walk in the Spirit”, and that implies being close to God and “in-tune” with Him.  Plus, Jesus came to give us life more abundantly.




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