14 12 2008

I came across an article called Silence, by Mark Driscoll.  (I know some people consider Mark Driscoll controversial, but I don’t keep up with all that.  For his article, here’s what I recommend: chew on the meat and spit out the bones.  Actually, that’s what I recommend when reading anyone’s blog or devotionals page.  I don’t normally read articles by Mark Driscoll, but I found this one, and I think it’s good.)  Anyway, I think you’ll like what he said about silence.  And I’m going to write a few things based on it.

These days, we are surrounded by entertainment.  Many public places have music playing now, and some stores even have TVs to bombard you with even more advertising.  Plus most of us play the radio or CDs in the car and have the TV on when in the house.  I’m not implying it’s all bad, either — we can even get caught up in good entertainment (like Praise & Worship CDs, listening to sermons) so much that we don’t have much of our own quiet time with God.

If you don’t already make a time of silence where it’s just you and God, try it.  Don’t be afraid of the silence.  (That may sound silly, but some people are — afraid of confronting thoughts or feelings they’d rather not deal with, or afraid of realizing their relationship with God isn’t as close as it should be.)  Spend some time just conversing with God, where you’re not going through a prayer list or talking about what you need.  Talk with God about what you’re thinking, just like you would if a close friend were there with you.

If you find yourself distracted by your surroundings while trying to have quiet time with God, I recommend going out in nature, if possible.  That really helps me.  It’s just easier to hear Him speaking when I’m away from all the man-made stuff.




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15 12 2008

I just took my own advice. 🙂 Even though it’s after midnight, I went outside for a while. I’m thankful for an open field behind my house, with trees behind that, so in my backyard it feels like I’m in the country, even though I’m in city limits. Not only was it peaceful out there, but there’s an arctic cold front moving in right now. I had seen it approaching on radar, so I waited for it outside.

It was neat to hear the wind blowing through distant trees before I could feel it. (I thought of the devotionals that compare the wind to the Holy Spirit, how you can’t see it but you can feel it and see the effects of it.) And I heard the rain coming from a distance, too. And then it started getting cold — this arctic front is going to drop the high temperature from 60s today to 30s tomorrow.

At first, I talked with God about the weather. I really enjoy studying weather (if you haven’t noticed). I figure God enjoys it, too. 🙂 Then I started talking about dreams I have, and then I realized some areas where I should be doing better in my Christian walk. So it was a very fruitful time: enjoyable, plus it led to spiritual growth.

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