the wages of sin

19 12 2008

After the last post, I was thinking about the nature of sin, how we are deceived by empty promises because we don’t realize what it really costs.  Then I remembered this quote:

Sin wouldn’t be so attractive, if the wages were paid immediately.

If we saw the immediate result, we would dramatically clean up our life.  If we saw how our temper causes long-term pain and division in our relationships, if we saw how lust hurts our marriage (even if you’re single), if we saw how our selfishness hindered the work of God, if we saw how our lack of compassion for the lost let people go to hell, etc.  You get the idea.  We would live differently.

As you know, Jesus has already taken the punishment for our sin.  So even though our sins will be forgiven and washed away forever, that doesn’t change the fact that ministry opportunities were lost and some never regained.  We will still have to stand before God and give an account for all that we didn’t do.

It’s really sobering to think of lost ministry opportunities.  There are people I was supposed to witness to but I missed the chance for whatever reasons.  Some of those people I may never see again, and some might have already passed away, meaning they don’t get another chance.  There are opportunities each day to glorify God and impact the world around us for His Kingdom.  Will we make the most of our opportunities, or will we be distracted?




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