a 21-day fast

5 01 2009

Yesterday my pastor at church challenged us all to start a 21-day fast.  And it’s supposed to involve food, not things like TV (although that’s not a bad thing to occasionally fast from also).  He gave us three options: a complete fast with just fruit juice and water; fasting one or two meals per day; or eating only fruits and vegetables.

Normally this kind of thing would scare me, because I really like to eat.  And sometimes I’ve gotten headaches from skipping meals, so there’s that concern.  But this time I’m actually looking forward to fasting.  I’m even excited about it.  So now you may be wondering why I would say something so crazy…  🙂

This past few days I’ve been thinking about the fasting challenge and my relationship with God, and I’ve realized that I haven’t been as close to God lately as I used to be.  That is, I haven’t been as consistent.  There’s been too many ups-and-downs lately, and I want to be closer to God.

To me, this 21-day fast represents a time of renewed commitment, as well as accountability.  I don’t have to answer to anyone but God and myself on it, but I’ve made a commitment to it, and I’m going to keep it.  This isn’t some broad, general ideal, like if you say you want to know God more or you want to pray more.  We can say those things all the time, but often we don’t do much about it.  This 21-day fast is a bite-sized goal, meaning that there’s an end in sight, so it’s easier to start and see to completion.  And I’m expecting that the increased closeness to God will remind me how awesome it is to dwell in God’s presence regularly, and thus I’ll continue pushing in.

There’s a burning deep within that reminds me there should be a whole lot more to Christianity than just living “good” and doing some ministry and following the “rules”.  We can be close friends with God, and be a man after His own heart.  And we can be anointed to do miraculous things and to change the lives of the people around us.  I know most everyone in church would agree with that, but it’s quite another thing to actually live it, to go beyond what is normal in Christianity these days.  Have you ever wondered how Jesus would live if He was in your shoes?  Do you ever consider the verse that says we can do greater miracles than He did?

I’m not sure how well I’m conveying my thoughts here, because it’s difficult to put this hunger into words.  But hopefully you know what I mean and can relate to it (and are also doing something about it).




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