Do you welcome intimacy with God at any time?

19 02 2009

Do you ever feel such a powerful manifested presence of God that you start to weep?  I’m talking about the times where He seems so near, where you see your sinfulness so clearly, where there is such a strong conviction because you sense His holiness, and where you feel enveloped by His love.  It’s awesome!

The point I want to make on this is, this kind of experience doesn’t happen all the time, so we should cherish it and welcome it at any time.  Right?  Of course we should!  But what if it comes at an inconvenient time?  At first, you may think anytime would be fine, and ideally so, but most of us still have some pride that we need to deal with.  For example: What if you’re in front of your friends, in a non-church situation, and you feel moved to tears by the Holy Spirit?  Or what if you’re at work and somebody might see you?  Will you accept Him fully at that time, or will you try to hold back for fear of what people might think?

For most of us men, this is a real issue.  Many of us were brought up with the mindset that crying is a sign of weakness.  Some guys will put you down for crying, saying you’re a wuss or getting too emotional.  And some of us resist crying at all times, even during prayer and worship.  But this isn’t healthy — we need to be in touch with our emotions, and we should be willing to let God get that intimate with us.

I’ve written on brokenness before, and if you haven’t read it, I really encourage you to.  It’s a teaching that is neglected these days, yet it’s extremely important to our spiritual well-being, and there are a LOT of Scriptures to back it up.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is because I’ve been in this situation, both at work and while hanging out with friends.  I cherish those times, but I’ve realized I still have some pride to deal with.  I have to remind myself that I’d rather get closer to God, regardless of what people may think or say.




One response

21 02 2009

Obviously there is NOTHING wrong with having a tender heart towards God. I think the fact that our society expects men to be “tough” makes crying for God that much more of an effective witness! Think about that the next time you are around your non-believing friends who know you aren’t typically an emotional guy. They might just start to wonder what is so great about this God of yours that could bring you to tears!

I am not a crier by any means, but when it comes to God, I let it all out!

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