three years of blogging

2 03 2009

I’ve now been blogging for 3 years.  That’s hard to believe!  (Well, actually it’s not — I can believe it, because I have faith.  I also have proof, in this case.)  I’ve even managed to keep a few of my regular readers the whole time, which I consider quite the accomplishment.  But I’m not forgetting about the newer regular readers — it’s not your fault that you didn’t know about this blog when it first started.  It was perhaps obscure at first, but now it’s not-so-obscure.  🙂  If I can keep my newer regular readers for the next few years, then that will be another huge accomplishment.

But enough rambling.  Or is it?  After all, my rambling is why you’re here, right?  Ha!  Actually, my ramblings here usually have more of a point, and this kind of inane rambling belongs at my other blog.  🙂  But I digress…

Here’s the basic blog stats for the past 3 years.

Total # of posts: 511
Total # of comments: 681
Total # of spam comments blocked: 39,528

I wish I had the total number of pageviews, but my stats program started malfunctioning a few months ago, and so I don’t have that information anymore.  And let me say I’m really thankful for Akismet for blocking all those spam comments.  I wouldn’t have time to manually do that, nor would I want to.

If you thought the number of comments seems a little low compared to the number of posts, I thought so too.  But I usually don’t write comments on my own posts, so that’s up to you.  🙂  I’m kinda joking, although I would enjoy more discussion and hearing more points-of-view as well as your experiences.  So comment all you want.

I realize the frequency of new posts has been down lately, but that’s partly due to some technical difficulties, and also I’m in the process of a major upgrade of this site, which is taking some time.  But soon that’ll be finished, and content will begin to flow more regularly again.  There’s no shortage of ideas.

Thanks for reading!




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