how Obama is friendly to Republicans

4 03 2009

I recently read something about how President Barack Obama is reaching out to Republicans in unprecedented ways:

Once the “stimulus” bill passed, ABC helpfully aired pictures from a photo album the White House issued to mark Obama’s skillful leadership moves. Subbing as anchor of ABC’s evening newscast, Diane Sawyer praised Obama for serving cookies to Republicans: “I want to show everybody at home, because there is the President, it’s Super Bowl night, and he’s serving cookies to congressional leadership in the White House screening room.” On cue, George Stephanopoulos picked up the syrupy narration: “These are just remarkable, Diane. We’ve never really seen anything like this before in real time.”

Isn’t it so awesome that Obama is friendly toward Republicans?  I mean, he’s giving them cookies!  How could anyone ever be critical of Obama?  We should just trust everything he says and does, because he’s obviously such a generous and friendly and bipartisan person!  Surely we didn’t need to read the stimulus plan before voting on it!  Everything is going to be okay now that Obama has taken (absolute) control of this country!

Hopefully you realize by now that this is satire.  I have real issues with politicians voting on bills without reading and debating them.  I’ve ranted on that previously, so I won’t recant it here.  (You can read it on this page.)  I’m not anti-Obama.  I hope our country recovers during his term.  I also hope his socialist agenda fails, because I don’t want the government to run everything.  I wish people would look past their “blind faith” in Obama and his calm demeanor and good-sounding speeches to see what’s really going on under his watch.

If this is what the majority of Americans really want, then so be it.  But I think Obama and Pelosi and company are leading us down a road that will make things worse in the long-term.  Time will tell…




One response

8 03 2009

Now, I think we need to think about what you guys are saying. Apparently people don’t like democrats on this website. Heaven forbid, liberals.
I am glad to be part of the “Dream Team” of socialists who think that after we are current with our taxes, we can participate in the recovery efforts of our great president. So what if the cause of this economic meltdown was caused by the cancerous housing market and poor banking policies?
So what if despite these KNOWN woes, we are focusing on our agenda instead of the agenda of everyday working republicans?
We need to be diligent in our pursuit of the American Ideal. There is no point in focusing on the 92% of americans still employed or the 90% of americans still making due on their mortgage payments.
If it is not broke, don’t fix it.
No, instead we need this multi-billion dollar stimulus package to jumpstart the dismal 8% of the unemployed and the destitute 10% who chose to foreclose on one of their houses in an attempt to make a quick profit.

I say lighten up. We gonna be alright.

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