removing slavery and abortion

8 03 2009

This weekend I saw the movie “Amazing Grace”.  It was well done (except that a not-so-family-friendly word came up twice).  The acting was great (though I’m usually not one to analyze that) — I just thought they made it believable, which I suppose is their goal.

The story, if you don’t know, is about William Wilberforce, who led the campaign against the slave trade in 18th century Britain.  The title is a reference to the hymn “Amazing Grace”, which was written by John Newton, and he plays a role in the movie.

I’m not going to describe the movie in detail, because you can read that elsewhere or watch it for yourself.  I want to mention a conversation that happened after seeing this movie.

As the movie illustrates well, Wilberforce and his followers faced a long, difficult battle against slavery.  There was a lot of opposition, not only from (misguided) moral reasons, but also because of financial reasons.  It seemed an impossible task at first.  Nonetheless, he fought until he swayed public opinion.  Now, in today’s society, what if someone were to fight in such a manner against abortion?  I realize some people do, and it may seem impossible to overturn, but look at the similarities.  Is it possible to have such a revolution here in America?  Indeed it is, although it would certainly be a long and difficult road, but it should be attempted.  Think about it…




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8 03 2009

It was a well-made movie. That Chris Tomlin song “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” came from that movie. It makes the song that much more powerful if you see the movie and understand a little about John Newton and the slave trade. I highly recommend this movie.

10 03 2009

Hi, I like the title of your blog, and also I was impressed by your article about slavery and abolition. No one shouldn’t be treated like a slave we all are equal in front of God!
God Bless You!

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