a Top 10 album that’s not Top 40

9 03 2009

Some radio stations like K-LOVE say they’re bringing you all the top Christian music.  But that’s not the whole story.  They’re only talking about songs from a very limited genre.

I don’t know why most radio stations limit their range of music so narrowly, if it’s from market research or payola (which is supposed to be illegal, but I hear it still happens sometimes) or if the distributors have a say in it (I think they do) or if it’s just this way because of tradition.  But either way, it gets old to me.  There are so many great songs in the various genres, yet most people miss it, because their favorite station(s) play “Top 40” music all the time.

I realize some people may prefer their music to be all similar — there’s no surprises, and it all sounds familiar.  So it’s fine for there to be stations like that, but at least where I’m at (Conway, AR), almost every Christian FM station plays the same songs.  And even within what little variety there is, it’s still mostly “pop” music.  Perhaps the reason the other genres don’t get as popular is because they aren’t aired on the radio often.  So those artists don’t get much exposure, because most listeners don’t want to search for music or don’t have time to.  (And the music industry executives love that, because it’s easier to predict which songs will be “hits” — they even have a formula!)

Anyway, enough of my ranting.  What made me think of this was seeing the sales results (from a few weeks ago) of a new CD and DVD called “Dream On” by the group “Ernie Haase and Signature Sound” (EHSS).  Here’s an excerpt from their newsletter:

The Dream On DVD and CD first week sales have just been posted.  The results are in, we wanted to share them with you and thank you for making the Dream On project a great success!

The DVD came in at #3 behind AC/DC and Elton John and just ahead of the Beatles re-release of “All Together Now” ….. Pretty big company!

The Audio CD & DVD came in at #1 on the Southern Gospel Charts.

And The Audio CD even hit #4 on the CCM (Contemporary Christian Charts) right behind Michael W. Smith, Mary Mary, The Wow Worship Project, and Casting Crowns.

Technically, their music would be filed under Southern Gospel, and that fact might scare away some people, but you should give them a chance because their sound is unique.  It doesn’t sound all country — quite the contrary, really.  They have songs that cross over “musical barriers” (genres).  Some of their songs could even be played on “Top 40” stations, I think.

If you appreciate good music, I encourage you to listen to some of their song samples online.  It’s free, so what have you got to lose?  I’ll even provide a link for you.  🙂  I’ve got several of their CDs, and they have a lot of great songs.  I’ve even met Ernie Haase in person one time, and he gave some very mature spiritual advice to me and a friend about leading worship.

Here are sound samples at Amazon.  Also on that page you can watch a video with clips from the concert in Chicago, where this was recorded live.




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11 03 2009

Amen, Brother! I’ve seen and heard Ernie Haase and Signature Sound in person and they are simply put “The Bomb”. There music and show has something for everyone. It’s a shame more people don’t get a chance to experience one of the best groups ever.

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