Has the Garden of Eden been found?

19 03 2009

Many archaeologists have searched for evidence of the Garden of Eden, and some believe we have now found it.  Of course, we don’t know for sure, but this sure is interesting, and it may possibly be related to it.

stone at Gobekli TepeThis area was actually discovered in 1994 by a shepherd, but I’m just now hearing about it.  This site is called Gobekli Tepe.  Some say it is the most important archaeological site in the world.  Regardless of whether it is actually from the Garden of Eden or not, this site has changed how the history of early mankind is viewed.

The stone structures were buried under a hill, and archaeologists say that it could not be a natural hill.  So they believe the area was deliberately buried, but they have no idea why.

Upon excavating, T-shaped pillars with carvings of animals have been found, among other things.  Carbon-dating has been used to determine the age of these structures, ranging from 8000 BC to 11,000 BC or earlier.  This is the oldest example of human technology.  Prior to this discovery, it was assumed that man was solely a “hunter-gatherer” during that era in history.  This is the world’s oldest temple, constructed before man had developed metal tools or the wheel or even pottery.  It is also remarkable that such structures could be assembled with what was surely primitive tools.  The stone structures predate Stonehenge by at least 6,000 years.

DNA analysis has led experts to believe that this is where agriculture first started, where modern wheat was first domesticated.   That’s interesting, when considering the story of Genesis.

So far we’ve seen only about 5 percent of what’s there.  Geomagnetic surveys indicate there’s so much that it may take 50 years to finish excavating the area.

There’s many more fascinating details, which you can read on your own.  Here’s one link I found which examines the possible biblical connection, examining the location and other known characteristics in detail.  Here’s another article, which considers the site from an archaeological standpoint but also raises the possibility of it being in the Garden of Eden.  The latter link also has some pictures.   It’s amazing what they could carve with primitive tools!

I read several other articles about it, from different perspectives.  Whether or not it has anything to do with Adam and Eve, it’s still quite interesting.




3 responses

19 03 2009

This smells like a bunch of bull…

19 03 2009

This article makes me ask a whole lot of questions. This is just another example of how we think history is linear in nature when it is full of mysteries we can’t solve. Amazing how humans were able to create a civilization long before our most basic of inventions.

The more we search the more we find technology far beyond what was originally believed. Many scientists feel the romans and ancient greeks had advancements hundreds of years beyond their time however, because of our destructive nature, we lose it. Stonehenge, Greek Fire, Garden of Eden, etc. The Bible states that before the Flood. mankind had achieved great things. so much so, that we became arrogant and thought we were as good as God himself in regards to creation. Seems we are repeating history.

24 03 2009

The Tree of Life wouldn’t be too far away if it was really the Garden of Eden, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would be very close too.

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