weeping during a concert

28 03 2009

Last weekend I went to one of the Gaither Homecoming concerts.  They really put on a great show.  They sing a lot of great songs (both modern and older), there’s incredible talent, and they make you laugh a lot.  It’s worth the price of admission just for all that.  But what was best about the concert was the times I felt the presence of God as I worshipped along with the singing.

I had a few moments where I started to tear up, because God is so awesome and wonderful.  But I don’t care too much about crying in front of people (or anytime, really).  Some of my family and my wife’s family were there, so I thought of that.   But I remembered a post I had written recently: “Do you welcome intimacy with God at any time?“.  Obviously there is still some pride and self-consciousness I need to deal with.  But at least I’m making progress, because I realized this and at the concert I quit thinking about what other people might think, so I could enjoy the presence of God.  There’s nothing like getting “lost” in God’s presence.   And by lost, I mean forgetting about everything else that’s going on, to the point it seems like it’s just you and Him there.

And on a related note, ideally we would get “lost” in God’s presence during praise and worship at church, particularly at altar times, when there’s less of a “schedule” and thus more time.  I’m sure we all know this, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves to not pay attention to what’s going on, so we can focus fully on God.




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16 06 2009
Jeff "Buddy" Greerson Jr.

bro – you been a. going to a Gaithers concert and b., weeping at it? areyou an old lady???

said with all respect…

Buddy Jr.

16 06 2009

With all due respect, is that last comment worth saying? I mean, I know, it’s supposed to be funny. Ha ha, let’s laugh at a guy who admits he was touched by God at a Southern Gospel concert. And he wept, so he’s not much of a man. And it was a Bill Gaither concert, so it’s for “old people”, right? Whatever…

This is not a rant at you, “Buddy”. But these kinds of jokes irk me. I’m sure no harm was meant by what you said. But saying such things fuels the stereotype that men shouldn’t ever weep. We have churches full of men who won’t admit their weaknesses and struggles to each other, who resist brokenness from God because it might lead to public displays of weeping, and who hold back emotions (whether rejoicing or mourning) because of this societal stereotype that men are weak or are wusses if they get too emotionally involved in what God is doing. I think this is one of the biggest problems in the Church today.

Like I said, I don’t think the previous commenter had anything like that in mind, but that’s why I want to say something. I used to joke around with the guys like that, and later I realized that people can get hurt or repressed even by jokes. And this especially applies to praise and worship. It’s hard enough for people to be free in their P&W, so I try to never joke about how anyone worships, even if it’s meant in fun. It should be fairly obvious how that works — someone gets free enough to dance in church service, getting their praise on, and someone jokes about their dancing. So they get self-conscious about it, which hinders their worship and the expression of their worship. Eventually you end up with a church full of people who just stand there during P&W, which is what many churches are like now.

Please don’t be offended at my “rant”, but it’s my blog and I wanted to make a point. It’s nothing personal. I just ask that you think about the possible repercussions of what you say, even when said in jest.

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