Can God trust you?

12 04 2009

Last weekend several churches joined together for a service where Brian Jarrett was the speaker.  Bro. Jarrett is a pastor in Dallas, TX, formerly in Pine Bluff, AR.  He’s traveling around the world, sharing this message with anyone who will hear it.  The sermon title is “Give It All”, which may sound elementary, but this sermon will challenge you in ways you probably aren’t used to.

Bro. Jarrett’s main points were “Do you trust God?” and “Can God trust you?”  Think about that.  It’s easy to say the “right answer”, which would be yes.  But do we really mean that?  Are we really living it?  Look at it this way: if God asks you to trust Him, can you say “Yes Lord” without knowing the conditions?  Would you sign the “contract” without reading it?  And what if the request doesn’t make sense to you?  The Bible is full of examples where God asked someone to do something that seems irrational to us, yet it was part of His plan.

Another point Bro. Jarrett made is that most Christians today are so caught up in image management that they make their plans very safe, so that if God doesn’t come through they can still “save face”.  Are you willing to be so dependent on God that if He were to not come through, you would fail?

Bro. Jarrett also shares some of his testimony, which is amazing.  He’s very transparent in sharing, which is refreshing (and needed).  He tells of a time when God told him to give away everything — his house and all his savings.  He argued with God, but finally submitted in obedience.  Can you imagine that request?  Although, we should surrender everything to God already, since we are just stewards.  That doesn’t mean He will tell you to give it away, but it’s not an unreasonable request, since He owns it anyway.

I could share a lot more from that sermon, but instead I’ll provide a link for you to download an MP3 of it or watch a video of it online.  I highly recommend you find the time to listen, because it may change your life.  There is a level of surrender to God that he talks about, and it’s deeper than you typically hear about.   I realize we’re all busy these days and the sermon is long, but if you want to be challenged in your spiritual walk, this will do it.

Here’s a link to the MP3 file of the sermon, and here’s a link to the video of the sermon (if you have the proper plug-in to play it).




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13 04 2009
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17 04 2009
Mikes@Your Daily Word

a great reminder on how to live thr christian life the real way. and i mean in the truest sense. when we trust God, saying it and just shouting it is not enough. there are accountabilities attached to the faith. we need to live like one. i don’t think God can trust us for anything. we’re really just failure-maker since history but through faith and the blood of Jesus Christ, we have been made worthy.

Your Daily Word

21 04 2009
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