What should be done about lying politicians?

1 05 2009

A friend and I have been discussing a plan for punishing politicians who lie.  First we considered whether it should be only for leaders who knowingly lied, but then we decided that wouldn’t be good.  Having to try all those politicians would take up a lot of court time and public money, and it’ll further destroy public confidence in politicians because we’ll either know for sure they lied or that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Since it’s potentially harmful for any politician or government leader to misspeak, all untruthful statements should lead to punishment.  But what should that punishment be?  One idea is that they have to make a public confession on video, and that video will be posted to a certain website which will contain all such videos of all politicians.  Since their lies would be exposed and archived (and thus grouped together by person), that should be a major deterrent to lying or speaking when ignorant about a topic.

Perhaps there should be some type of further punishment if a person gets caught lying a certain number of times within a time frame.  There shouldn’t be chronic liars in our government!

I realize the logistics of this would be difficult, because you’d need a nonpartisan group to enforce this, and that might be difficult to find.  But that shouldn’t stop us from trying…  Our elected officials shouldn’t be able to lie to us without consequences…




One response

6 05 2009
Concerned Citizen

Nancy Pelosi is the worst politician EVER!!!! I don’t care what side of the aisle one cares to claim, that woman is a point-blank, egotistical, elitist, lying ideological, selfish, wench!!!!

She has no idea how to run a government and the people who voted for her are just as stupid as she is. Our country is going down the drain and all she cares about is furthering her social agenda over that of other americans. Pelosi doesn’t really care about the people she claims to serve.

She bashes conservatives. She criticizes George Bush for being closed-minded and yet she is twice as bad.

And republicans stink too. they are chasing their tails doing more complaining than actually trying to offer a better deal to the american people. They had control for over a decade and screwed up. Hence, OBAMA-NATION. If republicans are so honest then why are they the minority in Congress???

(argh) Anyway, for concerned citizens such as myself it is a shame to see common sense disappear from our media and from our elected governemnt officials.

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