the intolerable name of Jesus Christ

13 05 2009

I happened across an interesting article that discusses the polarizing effect of the name Jesus Christ.  The article is called: The Terrible, Traumatic, and Intolerable Name of Jesus Christ.  Here’s an excerpt from that article:

The earliest Christians used the name of Jesus Christ to cast out demons, but today atheists use it to cast religion out of the public square. No other name has ever had such power for both believers and deniers alike. Simply saying that name in public is enough to traumatize secularists possessed by the conviction that they have the right not to be exposed to religion. …

In a way, Christians should feel flattered. Of all the names in the world, this one is so dangerous that the American legal system has begun putting it in the same category as shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater. … While Christians use this name to refer to a real person, secularists treat it, ironically, as if it has immanent magical powers. Just the sound of it can resonate so deeply within the atheist’s brain (re: soul) that physical distress results. One might think that those who hate this name the most would simply dismiss it as pure fantasy, rather than trying to quarantine it as a contagious contaminant. Like a tune that gets stuck in one’s mental circuitry (think “The Lion Sings Tonight”), the only way they can get rid of it, evidently, is to litigate.

If you think about it, no other name causes such division and oppression.

Also from the article, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has objected to a video made to help military personnel deal with depression.  In the video, Terry Bradshaw mentions that his faith helped him through some dark times.  And the MRFF was extremely bothered by a homecoming ceremony that “forced” soldiers to hear prayers “in Jesus’ name”.  One plaintiff said that was “humiliating and dehumanizing”.  That’s some strong words!  It was “dehumanizing”?!?  I’ve heard people pray in false religions, and I didn’t get all offended and damaged, so I don’t understand the use of those words (unless it’s to force litigation and censorship).

When you hear secular news about religion, notice how the name of Jesus is polarizing.  And notice how so many people are fighting against Christianity (especially here in America these days) and see if there’s much backlash against any other religions.  Why are some people so eager to repress Christianity but not other religions?  Could it be that Christianity is the truth?




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13 05 2009

The article also discusses rulings by U.S. District Judge David F. Hamilton, who has just been nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals by President Barack Obama. Hamilton is most definitely not a “moderate”, despite what his proponents say. He has been a fundraiser for ACORN, been a board member of the Indiana ACLU, and he’s been involved in court cases against Christianity (basically saying the name Jesus Christ is unconstitutional) and in some other controversial cases which I won’t get into here. Ironically (and not funny at all), the American Bar Association ruled Hamilton was “not qualified” to be a federal judge in 1994, when President Clinton appointed him anyway. Does Obama know what he’s doing? Probably so. Do most Americans know what he’s doing? Probably not. And that’s scary to consider…

13 05 2009
Common Sense

Good ending to your comment.

Part of the reason this country is so divided is religion and christianity in particular. Most people who claim to be democrats are not democrats because of their ideas on government or policies. the same goes true for republicans. Nope, most people these days in america choose political sides based off of social issues: abortion, gay rights, religion, etc. The Miss California incident this week is a prime example. All the major cable news outlets covered it like it was some governemnt scandal. Why? because of her views on gay marriage.

Our president’s choice for the next supreme court judge. Not based on legal issues. He said so himself in a news conference in his usual magical way. Qulaificatians for being on the supreme court: Abortion on demand, religion taken out of government, full gay rights, etc.

Nothing in the record for legal competence as a qualification. Bush did the same thing, but a full reversal of the above.

Anyway, our country is headed down a wrong path when two distinct polarizing SOCIAL VIEWS get in the way of government operations. We will pay dearly. By we, I mean conversatives. Our country is changing and Obama will bring us disaster. We will love him for it.

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