Where do missed opportunities lead?

20 05 2009

High school pitching prospect Matt Harrington turned down a $4.9 million contract to pitch in the major leagues, and now he makes $11.50 an hour.  How could that happen?  Click here for the full story.

Can you imagine?  He was drafted 5 times, sometimes in the first round, and for various reasons, he never signed.   Some fault goes to his agent, but at some point you have to take whatever you can get — especially when it’s still a LOT of money.   So obviously he really missed out on the big bucks and the chance to live his dream.   I suppose that’s what he gets for being greedy…

But then again, we shouldn’t be quick to judge.  I know, playing baseball for a living for millions of dollars sure sounds like a great life, but who knows where that would’ve led him as a person?   Perhaps that course of events has changed him and put him on a better long-term path than he would’ve chosen amidst the fame and fortune.   We don’t know.  As Gandalf said, “Even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

Unfortunately the locals around Matt Harrington and his family didn’t see it that way.   The family was ridiculed so often that they moved to another state.  Fortunately the pitcher was able to make peace with his past and move on.  (In case you didn’t read the article, he still became a millionaire through an insurance policy on his arm.)   His dad still struggles with what happened.  Hopefully he can someday forgive himself.

Sometimes we don’t know why things happen.   And sometimes bad things happen — whether our fault or not — and while it’s not fun to go through such times, they can change the path we’re on and make us a better person.   The Bible speaks of this in Romans 8:28, that God will work all things for good for those who love Him.   I’ve seen this in my life, where the worst times of my life now serve as cornerstones for who I am today.

So my point is that we shouldn’t be quick to judge our circumstances, because we don’t know what impact they will have on us.  And of course we shouldn’t be quick to judge others, either…




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28 05 2009
Tennis Fan

100% agree!

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