Would you have committed the original sin?

12 07 2009

If you were Adam or Eve in the Garden of Eden before the fall, would you have eaten of the forbidden Tree of Knowledge?  Think about it…

You’ve probably wondered why Adam and Eve decided to disobey God.   I know I have.   After all, they had full use over the whole place — except for one tree.  All they had to do was follow one rule, and they broke it.  Would you have done the same thing?

It might be tempting to say no, but let’s first think about it.  If you’re a Christian, you’ve been set free from sin; that means you no longer have to sin, so it’s only by our choice that we do.  You can probably think of an instance when you knew what was the right thing to do but you didn’t do it, for whatever reason.   That shows our rebellious, sinful nature, that even being free from sin, we still sometimes choose to do wrong.  Also, we have a tendency to choose what we think is right, instead of completely following God’s commands, and that gets us into trouble.

So to answer the original question, we probably would’ve eaten of the forbidden tree.




2 responses

15 07 2009
Original Sinner

I probably would have the eaten the snake. Keep the tree. Give me some BBQ serpent on a stick.

12 08 2009
Thomas Wayne

I came across a post on another blog that reminded me of this one. It’s called: What if all mankind rested on my ability to abstain from soda?

It’s easy to say we wouldn’t have sinned, but how often do we give in on “easy” things like giving up Cokes or staying on our diet?

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