Can you imagine living without money?

24 07 2009

Can you imagine living without money?   Think about it.  You might imagine being in a third-world country where there’s no other option.  But there are people who choose to live without money, even in America.  I just read an article about one such man, Daniel Suelo.  He’s not a bum, and he’s not homeless — he lives in a cave of his choosing.

In 2000, Suelo decided to stop using money.  I’ll let you read the article about him for the full backstory.  He decided he would have a better life by not using money.  He forages for food — both in the desert and in a nearby town.  He gives freely of what he has.  And he likes to help people for free.

Suelo has a college degree, and he knows how to operate a computer — he even writes on a blog occasionally, using computers at a public library.  So he could get a job, but he chooses not to.  He’s not against working, but he wants to help people, and he feels dishonest about getting paid to help people.   He has spent a couple of years teaching first aid and nutrition in an Ecuadoran village in the Andes.  He has also worked at a women’s shelter for 5 years.  He just chooses to live without possessions (beyond what is needed), and he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

I’m not implying that we should all live this way, but I think it is good to consider his point-of-view.   Most of us in America are caught up with material possessions way more than we realize.  For example, could you live happily without a TV or cell phone?  We don’t need those things…




One response

30 07 2009
Gold Standard

I really liked his comment on why we think gold is so valuable. If you think about it, why do we put value on things that in and of themselves are functionally useless. gold can’t be used for almost anything. at least diamonds have industrial value if not for jewelry.

makes one think about our priorities. I wonder what else we value in america that doesn’t serve a purpose? hmmm….

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