God’s goodness vs what we deserve

14 08 2009

Do you ever think about how good God is to us compared to what we deserve?  Obviously we don’t deserve forgiveness and salvation because we sinned against Him, yet Jesus died on the cross to pay our penalty.  So even if all God did was to save us, that would be more than we deserve and more than we could ever repay.  We could thank Him for eternity just for salvation alone.

We certainly don’t deserve more, yet He offers so much more — blessing, anointing, power, knowledge, wisdom, access to His manifested presence, and so much more.  It boggles the mind that He offers so much to people who don’t deserve it.

Do we thank Him enough?




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14 08 2009
internet elias

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful…humble…true thoughts. And He has taught me…with scripture…by way of His Holy Spirit…that the sin in Eden….like ALL things….was under his control and permission. I know that sounds SHOCKING. But, even as a child, it NEVER was reasonable to me that the soveriegn God of all things could be outdone by a peuny deceiver…no matter how ‘subtle.’ And, also, Eden was God’s dwelling place with Adam and Eve. How did the peuny ‘deceiver’ get into such a Holy place? I ALWAYS knew…something was MISSING in what I had been taught in Sunday School. Some time ago, I did a post called Eden Man. I did a page on ‘The Purposed Fall’…(something like that)..and scriptures prove the thoughts. WHY? LOVE! It’s all about LOVE…..GOD’S LOVE. The nature of LOVE is that it HAS to be GIVEN AWAY. God’s love is a FORCE which, like the universe, CONTINUALLY EXPANDS…OUTWARD. Giving Himself, His Son, His Soul, His Life …to DEATH is the greatest act of Love to ever be performed. And the LOVE is proved in that ‘WE DON’T DESERVE IT!!’



17 08 2009
Matt @ The Church of No Peopel

Hey Chad, thanks for entering my blog giveaway! It’s great to meet new people and read new blogs. I’m enjoying what you have to say here. Hope to see you around again. Happy blogging!

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