vacation 2009

30 09 2009

Sorry for the delay in posts lately…  part of the reason was being out on vacation for a week.  I went to Louisville, Kentucky, to the National Quartet Convention.  It was a great time.  Everyone who likes Southern Gospel music should try to go at least once.  Not only was there a lot of great singing and there was the chance to meet some of the artists, but God spoke to me through some of songs and testimonies.  I left the convention closer to God and wanting to keep growing.  So it was definitely worth the trip.

The convention was also awesome because of the incredible talent.  It featured some of the best singers in the world today, and when you have several of these talented singers together, it’s hard to describe how great it is.  There’s some something about hearing pure voices and tight harmonies put to well-written songs about God.

The rest of the vacation wasn’t planned — we just did what seemed interesting as we came across it.  I don’t know if any of you reading this care, but here’s a short synopsis.

I visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and manufacturing plant.  Being a big baseball fan, it was very interesting to see bats from legendary hitters of the past, and to compare their bats with what current players use.  There was also a closed off batting cage that simulated how fast a major league pitch is.  If that was accurate, I don’t see how pro players can determine what the pitch is and hit it reliably.  (And I played high school baseball, but this was so far beyond that!)  In the tour of the manufacturing plant, I got to hold bats for Derek Jeter and Dustin Pedroia and Ken Griffey Jr., among others.  I wish I could’ve hit a few balls with their bats, but that wasn’t an option.

I also visited the National Corvette Museum, which is next to the manufacturing plant where all Corvettes are made.  There were a lot of classic cars in there.  I wish there had been a place where I could’ve driven one, but that wasn’t an option.  (Supposedly such places do exist, but I’ve never been to one.)

There were other things we did (particularly eating), but I won’t keep rambling on about that.  It’s not good blogging strategy to bore your regular readers, and I’m probably on the verge of that (if I haven’t went way beyond it already).  So until next time…  🙂




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