seeing yourself in faith

7 11 2009

Do you ever see areas in your life that need improving?  (Hopefully so, because unless you’re like Jesus at all times, there is room for improvement.)  I know I need to make changes in some areas.  I’ve also learned that it’s sometimes quite difficult to change.

It can be hard to see ourselves making a big change, but that’s where faith comes in.  We must remind ourselves that by the power of God it is possible for us to change.  And not only is it possible, but God will help us, if we depend on Him and let Him direct our steps.  Of course, we must do our part also, but it’s comforting to know that we don’t have to rely solely on our own strength and willpower.

It’s important that we learn to look at ourselves through faith, to see who God wants us to become, and to believe that it is going to happen.  Many times we want to change, but it never happens.  Part of us wants it, but perhaps we don’t fully believe it will happen.  It can be harder to apply faith to ourselves than to others.  It’s easier to pray with a friend that they’ll have the peace of God than to believe that we will.  And perhaps we pray more for other people than ourselves.  That seems like a noble notion, and it is good to sometimes put other people first, but we must take care of ourselves, too.

If we don’t believe we’re going to change in a certain area, it won’t happen.  Our unbelief will keep us from trying our hardest (or from trying at all), and it will keep God from helping us.  For example, if a person wants to learn to play piano, but they make some excuse as to why they can’t, then they most likely won’t even try, and their failure is almost guaranteed.  And while God can help you, if you don’t get a keyboard / piano and you don’t take lessons and you don’t practice, what is there to help?  It’s similar to how the Holy Spirit will help you understand the Bible, but if you make excuses and don’t read it, what is there for Him to explain and reveal?

I’ve been thinking about this lately, because I need to change in some areas.  Some parts of my personality I’ve struggled with for years, so it can seem like I’ll never change, but I must not give up hope.  (And to my friends, please don’t give up hope for me!  Prayers are welcome!)  One thing I must remember is that things have to change for things to change.  I know, that’s obvious, but how easily do we forget that one, where we want to change — we have good intentions — but we aren’t doing much about it, so things aren’t really changing?  We need to set goals and determine our priorities, and of course, believe that we will change.




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