a ban on complaining

1 12 2009

While pondering how we should be thankful on Thanksgiving Day, I thought it would be a good day to ban all complaining.  I don’t mean any type of official ban (not that it could be enforced anyway), but on a personal level.  We shouldn’t be complaining anyway (see Philippians 2:14-15), but at least on Thanksgiving, the holiday created to remind us to be thankful for the good things in life, we should try to not complain.

I realize Thanksgiving has passed already this year, but you could still set aside a day this year where you don’t complain.  And to make sure we catch ourselves each time, I recommend telling your friends and family about it, at least the ones you will be around that day, so they can let you know if you slip.  I suspect most of us complain more than we realize, because we aren’t always aware of why we’re saying certain things.   (That would make a good study — record your normal conversations, then listen to them days later, to see how others might perceive it.  Because sometimes we say things from a myriad of hidden emotions, without realizing it.  For example, you get home from work, your spouse asks you to do something small, and you grumble or get upset about it, when the problem isn’t the request but how you feel from previous events.)

Anyway, I digress…   Back to my point, why don’t you consider a day without complaining, and let the people around you help keep you accountable?  Are you scared?




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