how much the global warming summit cost us

30 01 2010

Remember when several of our Congressmen went to Copenhagen for a climate summit on global warming?  The Congressional expense reports have been filed, so we can now see what it cost the taxpayers.  You should probably be sitting down if you’re prone to get upset at government waste.

At least 106 people went on the trip, including spouses, a doctor, a protocol expert, and a photographer.  For the 21 Congressmen, their food and rooms cost over $2,200 a day — each!  (That’s considerably more than most Americans spend on their monthly mortgage payment!)  That appears to be living it up, especially when our economy is in such bad shape and our Congressmen keep having to increase the national debt!  Some of the Congressmen and their staff admit they never even saw the bills or the expense reports.  That shows how closely they’re watching their spending…

The total bill was over $1.1 million, and that doesn’t include President Obama’s administration officials, which was over 60.

There’s more details at this link: My Congressman Went to Freezing Denmark for a Global Warming Treaty and All I Got Was a $1 Million Bill.




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