lightning photos from volcano eruption in Iceland

22 04 2010

There’s been plenty of news about the volcano eruption in Iceland and how it’s delaying flights because of all the ash spewed into the atmosphere.  And while a volcano eruption is destructive, it’s also neat to see (from a safe distance, of course).   In addition to the lava flows and massive pillars of smoke, volcanoes can also create their own lightning storms and occasionally even a funnel.  Basically, the heat and charged particles create its own thunderstorm over the volcano.

Follow this link for some awesome lightning pictures from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in Iceland.  This other site also has quite a few neat photos of it.  Also, for a high-resolution picture of the lightning, click on the photo at the bottom of this page.

FYI, the last time this particular volcano erupted was in 1821, and the eruption lasted for 13 months.  It’s not a particularly large volcano, and this isn’t a very violent eruption (compared to other volcanoes), but the volcanic fissures lie under a thick slab of glacial ice, which contributes to the ash and smoke, making it more explosive.  There’s also a fear that the associated earthquakes (about one every 40 seconds) will set off the larger, neighboring volcano of Katla, which also lies under ice.




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