perspective from an old movie

17 05 2010

At lunch today I watched a few minutes of a black-and-white movie on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), and it was very interesting to consider how our culture has changed.  For one thing, the movie was rated G.  It wasn’t a cartoon or children’s movie.  It was just clean.  How often do you see G-rated movies for adults these days?

In the movie, some parents were scolding their daughter (who was an adult and living on her own) for wearing a skirt that went down only to her knees.  And in another scene, her dress showed part of her slip, and that was intolerable.  By today’s standards, the outfits were conservative and modest.  But it was quite the uproar in the movie, which was set in the 1940s, I think.

Times sure have changed…

And at the end of the previous movie (which was also black-and-white), there was a screen saying the government needs our money, so buy defense bonds and stamps.  I presume it was to support the war effort.  Can you imagine such a plea today?




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